Summary of the 2nd CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy
The 2nd CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy was successfully held during June 18-20 in Shanghai. 23 top immunologists were invited to give lectures on basic scientific theories and recent achievements of cancer immunotherapy. The exciting program attracted nearly 200 trainees to the meeting.

The following are the lecturers and their topics:

Prof. Xuetao Cao, Research and application of Caner immunotherapy
Prof. Zhigang Tian, Synthetic immunology and next generation immunotherapy
Prof. Yuzhang Wu, Advances and challenges in immunotherapy
Prof. Bo Huang, Occurrence and regression of inflammation
Prof. Angang Yang, Trastuzumab treatment resistance in breast cancer and immune editing
Prof. Ling Lv, Regulation of Immune Tolerance by FOXP3
Prof. Binghe Xu, New advances in medical oncology therapy
Prof. Yan Shi, Trigger and effect of innate immunity
Prof. Bing Sun, The function of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) in T cell activation and anti-tumor immunotherapy
Prof. Chen Dong, Immune checkpoints and T cell depletion
Prof. Jie Liu, New strategies for tumor diagnosis and treatment based on immune homeostasis
Prof. Yu Zhang, Manipulating thymus T cell development enhances anti-tumor immunity
Prof. Limin Zheng, Source, regulation and significance of tumor tissue myeloid-derived suppressor cells
Prof. Qingqing Wang, The key role of the tumor microenvironment: myeloid cells
Prof. Yi Zhang, Basic and clinical of tumor vaccine
Prof. Bo Zhu, Immune checkpoint inhibitors resistance mechanism and overcoming strategies
Prof. Weidong Han, Enhancement strategies of CAR-T functionality and resistance in B cell malignancies
Prof. Yiwei Chu, The optimal design of CAR-T and its anti-tumor efficacy and mechanism
Prof. Zhengfan Jiang, Research on cGAS-STING pathway and tumor manganese immunotherapy
Prof. Shengdian Wang, The problems faced by PD-1 blockers in tumor treatment and the development of new treatment strategies
Prof. Chenqi Xu, T cell receptor signaling and applications
Prof. Xin Lin, Developing TCR-based CAR-T cell approach for cancer immunotherapy
Prof. Yuting Ma, Immune perception and immune regulation of stress

This serial course is aimed to promote translational research in tumor biology and tumor immunology, to enhance clinical application of the treatment of some cancers’ immunotherapy. We are happy to see active reactions from our trainees and the 3rd course has been put on the agenda.