A Thank You Letter to CSI Members
Dear CSI Members,

We would like to express our deepest thanks to you for your great support to the 17th International Congress of Immunology (17th ICI, IUIS2019). Without your active participation, the rapidly progressing and developing Chinese immunological research and its achievements could not be successfully demonstrated. As the ICI is a triennial congress, the wonderful IUIS2019 is no doubt a new start for Chinese immunology. This congress is organized by IUIS and hosted by CSI, has been successfully held in Beijing, from October 19th to October 23rd, 2019. The meeting invited 3 Nobel Laureates, 54 leading immunologists and 198 top scientists recommended by sister societies to give speeches around the hottest topics. With the exciting academic programme, the meeting attracted 6,506 participants from 78 countries and regions and received 3,757 abstracts, 416 of which were selected to workshop presentations and 2,754 to posters.

The preparation of IUIS2019 took us seven years. In 2012 we started to prepare for the bid of hosting the congress, in 2013 we won the bidding among four applicant countries, and today we finally tasted the sweet of victory. We are proud that IUIS2019 is so successful and it will no doubt be one of the most memorable events in the ICI history. At this moment we want to share the happiness with you, and we are grateful to you, our dear member, for your great support to this meeting and to CSI. Thank you all and we will keep our hard working for a more exciting future of immunology science.

Chinese Society for Immunology
October 28, 2019