Summary of the 16th National Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting & the 1st CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy
The 16th National Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting & the 1st CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy was held during November 6 to 9, 2020 in Beijing. 

As a biennial meeting organized by the CSI Committee for Tumor Immunology & Biotherapy, the National Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting has been held 16 times since 1989. As for the CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy, it is a new training course developed by CSI. For decades CSI has been working on and providing different training courses for different groups, including Recent Advances Workshop, Young Immunologist Forum, National Doctoral Forum and Summer School. This year, with the aim to attract more clinicians to CSI educational activities and to enhance the transformation of immunotherapy from basis to practice, CSI decided to start a new training course: CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy. 

During the opening ceremony a special guest was invited to give a speech for the trainees – Prof. Denian Ba, who was the President of the 2nd and 3rd CSI council. He talked about the hard work of the first generations of immunotherapy researchers, and he showed his belief in the young researchers and clinicians to make cancer a less horrible disease. Everyone was encouraged by his warm words and touched by his stories.

Altogether 21 lectures were given by invited prestigious speakers, many of which are CSI council members. These lecturers are: Prof. Xuetao Cao (Past President), Prof. Zhigang Tian (Chief Supervisor), Prof. Yuzhang Wu (President), Prof. Wei He (Past Secretary General), Prof. Dalong Ma (Past Vice President), Prof. Bing Sun (Vice President), Prof. Zhi Yao (Vice President), Prof. Li Wu (Vice President), Prof. Yiwei Chu (Vice President), Prof. Bo Huang (Vice President & Secretary General), Prof. Yu Zhang, Prof. Xiaofeng Qin, Prof. Zhengfan Jiang, Prof. Weidong Han, Prof. Limin Zheng, Prof. Yi Zhang, Prof. Shengdian Wang and Prof. Bo Zhu. Their topics covered history of the field, explanation of the important issues in basic immunology, trends and challenges of immunotherapy. Questions were asked and answered in the end of each lecture, and opinions were exchanged during the tea breaks.

It was a big success for the 1st CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy. CSI will put more effort into the program design to make it an attractive serial educational activity.