Summary of the 4th CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy & the 17th Congress of Cancer Biotherapy
Organized by Committee for Tumor Immunology & Biotherapy of Chinese Society for Immunology (CSI) and hosted by Zhengzhou University, the 4th CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy & the 17th Congress of Cancer Biotherapy were successfully held during April 20-22 in Zhengzhou. 26 speakers were invited to give lectures and the meeting attracted more than 400 delegates.

On the April 21 there were 10 lectures on the basics of cancer immunology. The following are the speakers and their topics:
Prof. Yuzhang Wu, The history and progress of immunology
Prof. Yan Shi, Innate immunity and inflammation
Prof. Bo Huang, T cell biology
Prof. Wanli Liu, B cell biology
Prof. Yiwei Chu, Regulation of cytokines in immune responses
Prof. Yonghong Wan, The evolution of cancer vaccines
Prof. Yaohe Wang, Oncolytic virus-mediated immunotherapy: The promises and challenging for treatment of human cancers
Prof. Yi Zhang, Clinical trial in cancer immunotherapy
Prof. Xiubao Ren, Toxic and side effects in cancer immunotherapy
Prof. Jie Ren, Lung cancer immunotherapy

On the April 22 more speeches on recent advances in cancer immunotherapy were delivered as below:
Prof. Xuetao Cao, New targets and new approaches for tumor immunotherapy
Prof. Yangxin Fu, The new strategies for targeting tumor cells vs tumor infiltrating T cells
Prof. Xiyun Yan, Ferritin: a novel nanomedicine
Prof. Chen Dong, Molecular control of T cell function in cancer
Prof. Zhihai Qin, Fibroblasts and modification of tumor immune microenvironment
Prof. Limin Zheng, Non-classical sources of myeloid cells and tumor immune microenvironment
Prof. Jin Hou, Regulatory mechanisms of hepatic metabolic inflammation cancer transformation and interferon therapy
Prof. Zusen Fan, Discovery of new subsets of immune cells and tumor immune intervention
Prof. Zhi Wang, Imbalance and remodeling of oral mucosal immune homeostasis
Prof. Weidong Han, Tumor immunotherapy resistance and synergy strategies
Prof. Bo Zhu, Progress and prospect of tumor immunotherapy
Prof. Haoyu Sun, NK cell immune checkpoints and tumor microenvironment
Prof. Chenqi Xu, Electrostatic power in immunoreceptor signaling
Prof. Lilin Ye, Unique differentiation pathways of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells
Prof. Lianjun Zhang, T cell stem maintenance and tumor immunotherapy
Prof. Gaopeng Wang, Mechanism and clinical application of functional depletion of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T cells)

In the closing speech Prof. Bo Huang, the Vice President & Secretary General of CSI, thanked the academic and organizing committees of the meeting. He also expressed gratitude to 9 sponsors who supported CSI serial meetings and training courses for years. He said that CSI has been working on training courses and meetings to give opportunities for the community and exchange between CSI members. With the development of CSI professional committees, we will use their strength to organize new serial courses for the clinical and early career researchers.