Summary of the 2023 CSI Annual Meeting (the 15th CSI Congress of Immunology)
Organized by Chinese Society for Immunology (CSI), the 2023 CSI Annual Meeting (the 15th CSI Congress of Immunology) was held from November 2nd to November 5th in Suzhou, Jiangsu Provence. With the co-work of CSI members and meeting participants, the 2023 CSI Annual Meeting was a big success in the following aspects.

1. This meeting attracted 3,372 registered delegates from all parts of China, including Hongkong and Macao special administrative regions. The number of abstracts received was 1,280 and made a historical record in the CSI Annual Meetings. Adding up the sponsor delegates and volunteers, more than 4,200 were present at the meeting.

2. 33 leading immunologists including Prof. Xuetao Cao, Prof. Zhigang Tian and Prof. Yuzhang Wu were invited to give plenary lectures. The main topics were the hotspots in the field of immunology: research on innate immune molecules and cell death and immunotherapy, synthetic immunotechnology for cell therapy, HIA on going in China: Eve cell, activation of antitumor immunity by bacteria-derived signals, Regulation of T cell function in cancer, and et al.

3. 20 symposia were organized to discuss topics including differentiation and development of immune cells; innate immune recognition, regulation and inflammation response; immunometabolism, immune regulation and infection immunity; tumor immunity and tumor immunotherapy; autoimmune diseases and allergy diseases; traditional medicine immune regulation; immunological interdisciplinary research. Selected from the received abstracts, 281 participants gave oral presentations in the symposia and 242 participants presented their works by posters. Meanwhile, "Translational Immunology Symposium" and "The 2023 Annual Meeting of Committee on the Status of Women" were held.

4. 5 premeeting forums were organized to enrich the whole program, and they were: "Hongkong and Macao Forum", "Women Immunologist Forum", "Young Immunologist Forum", "Tumor Immunology Forum" and "Interdisciplinary Immunology Forum".  In the "Meet the Editors" symposium, 7 senior editors including Dr. Peter Lee from Cell Immunity and Dr. Zhe Wang from Nature Cell Biology shared their ideas on scientific publications with participants.

5. The ceremony of 11th CSI Academic Awards were held and 21 immunologists were honored for their distinguished works in the field. Prof. Debing Wang from Peking University People's Hospital was awarded the 11th CSI Lifetime Achievement Award. Prof. Xiaoming Yang from China National Biotec Group Company Limited and Prof. Baoen Shan from Hebei Medical University were awarded the 11th CSI Outstanding Scholar Award. 18 early career researchers were presented with the 11th CSI Young Investigator Award.

6. Organized by Suzhou Institute of Systems Medicine and Suzhou Medical College of Soochow University, 60 volunteers provided excellent service to the meeting onsite organization.

7. 99 companies sponsored this meeting, and many of them are long term partners with CSI such as BD Biosciences, China National Biotec Group Company Limited, Dakewe Biotech, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. They demonstrated the latest projects, promoted new products, and together with all meeting participants, looked forward to more promising immunology future.

At the closing ceremony, Prof. Yuzhang Wu, the CSI President announced the 2024 CSI Annual Meeting (the 16th CSI Congress of Immunology) will be held in Hangzhou.