Summary of the 3rd CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy
The 3rd CSI Advanced Course of Cancer Immunotherapy was successfully held during August 5-7 in Kunming. 15 top immunologists were invited to give lectures. The hybrid course attracted over 200 trainees.

In the opening speech given by CSI President, Prof. Yuzhang Wu, it was emphasized that CSI has been striving to promote the application of recent findings in immunotherapy to the clinical practices. Besides, it is also an important job for CSI to design and provide different training courses to fulfill current needs. On behalf of CSI, Prof. Wu thanked lecturers and sponsors for their great supports to the meeting.

The followings are the lecturers and their topics:
Prof. Xuetao Cao, New targets and ways of research and application of caner immunotherapy
Prof. Yuzhang Wu, Advances and challenges in immunotherapy
Prof. Bo Huang, Mechanism of how T cell recognizes tumor antibodies of self-origin
Prof. Yan Shi, Trigger and effect of innate immunity
Prof. Wanli Liu, A germline variant of human IgG1 represses colorectal tumorigenesis and progression by shaping the tumor microenvironment
Prof. Bo Huang, Occurrence and regression of inflammation
Prof. Shuyang Yu, Research of SR protein regulation of development, differentiation and function of thymic T cells
Prof. Yangxin Fu, The history of cancer immunotherapy and new trends
Prof. Youhai Chen, New immune checkpoints and cancer immune therapy
Prof. Haopeng Wang, Transportation mechanism and clinical application of CAR
Prof. Yi Zhang, Trends of cancer immunotherapy research: Inspiration from clinical practices
Prof. Xiubao Ren, Toxic and side effects in cancer immunotherapy
Prof. Dawang Zhou, Regulatory functions of Hippo signal pathway in cancer immunity
Prof. Yiwei Chu, Regulatory B Lymphocytes in Diseases
Prof. Ping Gao, Regulatory mechanisms and targeted therapy of tumor metabolic reprogramming
Prof. Liufu Deng, T cell stemness programs and new strategies of cancel immunotherapy

Prof. Bo Huang, the Secretary General of CSI, gave the closing speech. He summarized each lecture and asked trainees for their precious suggestions to the 4th advanced course programme, which will be held next year.